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The latest updates to the MacBook Pro line has left many creative professionals feeling a little jilted. It’s going to be missing an alarming number of ports, including the immensely important SD card slot. You know — the cross-brand memory card that’s used in all of the major cameras. It’s also lacking a critical number of USB-C ports, including the typical HDMI and USB jacks, and a variety of convenient function keys have gone missing, too. As a result, the newest Pro has unwittingly complicated the average workday for artists, photographers, and designers. Paul Schiller, VP of Apple marketing, claims…


If the time has come for you to find a better way of tracking down information (no matter what it might be), should you put all your eggs in the basket known as the Internet? For millions of consumers, the worldwide web is their go-to source for anything and everything that the Internet can provide. As an example, when searching for a license plate lookup, do you automatically just assume it involves going through your local DMV? While that was typically the case for decades, the Internet has changed that and countless other needs of finding information to make your…


When it comes to finding people, the old days of word-of-mouth and asking around town still exist. That said the Internet has changed the way people search for one another quite extensively. In the event you’re looking for someone for any number of reasons, doing a people search online can be your best answer.